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Making the Most of Working From Home

I am a stay at home mother of a 16 month old son and a 7 day old son. I used to manage a bar and I really loved my career but decided to sacrifice it to be at home with my child. Like you may have, I spent endless hours online trying to find legit ways to earn a living off the internet.

When I first began seeking ways to make money I fell into all the same traps everybody does. I signed up for paid to read email programs, paid to surf opportunities and paid to click jobs (if you could really even call them jobs in the first place). I even tried bogging and community sites like Mylot. All of these sites left me with the same result - pennies to my name for hours spent "working" online. I became very aggravated but decided to keep trying new concepts.

During my journey I recorded all of my findings for my own personal use.

Now I make hundreds of dollars every week online with very minimal effort! I can honestly say that working online is much more profitable then my "real" career as a manager was! It took me over a year to discover how to actually make money but it is possible and YOU NEVER NEED TO SPEND A SINGLE PENNY! I cannot stress this aspect of online work enough! Please, never pay for information, memberships, books, e-books, DVD's etc! YOU DON'T HAVE TO! All of the information you need is 100% free! Those companies that want you to pay a one time fee of $20 or whatever -they are GARBAGE! It doesn't matter what they offer you in return, NO REAL JOB WILL MAKE YOU PAY TO WORK.

And the best part about it all is that if I can do it - YOU can do it. So please take full advantage of my articles found on my website  There's hundreds of articles you will find useful and unlike any other information on the net. Please look on the left hand side of the page where you see "Links" and "Previous Posts". If you continue to scroll down you will also find "Archives". In the archives section you're given access to hundreds more articles that have been written in previous months. Feel free to comment on anything you read and sign up for EVERYTHING you read. All of my resources are 100% FREE, won't spam you or share your information.